Johan de Rooij | Co founder and Co owner Profitz
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For me travel is not only about reaching your destination. Actually there is no real destination. Always you come to another corner. The moment you round the corner you can enjoy the new view at the same time as seeing the next corner.  The effort to together find the right route and to enjoy the wonderful views along the way make the journey worthwhile.

Thus the ultimate situation continues to change with more layers continually developing.  The story becomes more complete and better. I am fascinated to view the stage upon which life plays out. I am also a student of natural physics.  By understanding natural phenomenon one gains an appreciation of how everything fits together.  This is also true in the world of business.  Actually you know more than you think you do!  But often you first need to separate the different elements of a problem or challenge before you can solve it and move on.

By looking at our world in this way I can help new as well as experienced business people.  My background in business studies and 30 years of experience as independent business man and advisor also help a little!