Hidden in the jungle of Peru between steep mountains and high peeks lies (at a height of 2400m) Machu Picchu…the city of the Inca’s.  My dream journey is a trek through the tropical rainforest to this difficult to reach city in the clouds. This journey is without doubt a challenge and a journey which is not thinkable without a plan. However even with a thorough preparation the journey will I am sure still require improvisation and will challenge my stamina.

My business life is also a little bit like a journey of exploration.  As a 21 year old just out of school I realized that my work as a fitness and swim instructor was not my calling.  It was just the beginning of an interesting journey of exploration which has taken me to many interesting places and given me many great experiences. I have been the General Manager of Brabant’s biggest sports school, interim manager of a large holiday park owner of several sport schools and the General Manager of a number of sauna centres. All leading to my current destination….Profitz. The red line which connects all of these experiences is my vision on doing business.  How to approach challenges, exploring, organizing growth, change with a hands on never give in attitude.

Be Brave, Take Risks. Nothing can substitute Experience. - Paulo Coelho