The essence of our market research is always market validation: do your product ideas endure the test on the market? Can you earn money with that product on that market with that target group? To answer these questions, we use basic desk research. We also actively explore the market in innovative markets.
We act as incubators for startups. For more experienced entrepreneurs with the desire to grow quickly as accelerators. We will either work one-on-one with a company to validate the market and make a business plan. Or we start an accelerator / incubator program with a number of entrepreneurs. In this, entrepreneurs follow different lectures and master classes for 13 weeks, they get a workplace and there are always coaches present. More information can be found on and
You need information for making good decisions for your company. That is why it is important to measure the relevant information that is present in your company in the right way. For this we use, for example, dashboarding. This way you can make choices based on (the right) facts.
Because this is an essential part of your business, we pay explicit attention to the financial consequences of what you want to achieve. For example, we answer the questions: 'How much money do I need and how can I finance it?'