Also within the business wellness market we think from the financial picture and from the content. For example about the design, location and new offer of your sauna complex, weight loss studio, boutique gym, orthomolecular nutrition center or wellness hotel. We have defined more than 30 useful business models for this. Based on the needs of the market, we then determine the most favorable earnings model for you. We also assist hotels with proper implementation or adaptation of sports, swimming and relaxation facilities. These facilities are therefore no longer a compulsory cost item, but offer an earnings model with which you can distinguish yourself. Here, too, we have a nice network and the substantive knowledge and expertise is present through practical experience in the wellness sector. Curious about the possibilities within your company?

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Bedrijf: Carving
From now on, your guests can experience a fully-fledged workout with the Carving BalanceTM In-room fitness concept in the luxurious surroundings of their own suite. The Carving BalanceTM fits perfectly in the style of your high-quality suites, 100% Dutch design and has also been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. With this fully-fledged in-room fitness solution, you offer your guests the luxury of playing sports in their own comfortable environment with the privacy they desire. This is the ultimate upgrade option that will further raise your facility level, further differentiate your hotel, stimulate your guest experience and also create an interesting business case.

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Bedrijf: Podopoint
Podotherapy After my studies it became clear to me very quickly, I want to start for myself. However, like many starters, I was asked how to start, there is a sufficient market, and how to get it financed. Profitz helped me with all these questions and that's how Podopoint podiatry started. Feet form the basis of the human body. A podiatrist treats people with complaints of the musculoskeletal system, which are caused by an abnormal functioning of the feet. Think for example of foot, ankle, knee and hip complaints, but also back problems can arise from a different foot position. At Podopoint podiatry we use the latest techniques and intensive cooperation with paramedics, aimed at the cause of your pain. In addition, we play an important role in the treatment of specific patient groups such as diabetes patients, rheumatism patients, children and athletes.

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Cryo sauna Whole Body Cryo is an extreme cold treatment. CryoAction cryotherapy treatments are treatments in a cabin with temperatures between -120 ° C and -160 ° C. It is a skin-level treatment so that the core temperature is only marginally affected, but it is not uncommon that the skin temperature drops by between 10 - 15°C during a standard treatment period of between 3 - 5 minutes. Despite the extreme temperatures, due to the dry air, the environment is not unpleasant. Of those who have experienced an ice bath at temperatures of 5 - 8 ° C, almost everyone prefers the comfort of a Whole Body Cryo treatment.

Profitz is currently working on the business plan for this start-up company in close cooperation with the supplier CryoAction from England.

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