Our extensive professional knowledge and practical experience within sports, wellness and leisure make the difference. We offer added value through the combination of a well-thought-out business analysis and a hands-on approach based on practical experience and training. In addition, our passion for health lies in the broadest sense of the word and we can contribute to this in this way. Our intrinsic motivation is that we want to use vitality and sport as a spearhead and coat rack. We feel connected to the mentality of entrepreneurs in this sector. Because whether it is a fitness instructor, dietician or gym owner, they also stand for improving the health and vitality of people. Do you recognize yourself as an entrepreneur in our vision and motivation?

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Bedrijf: Circles Waalre
Some time ago Jack van Hoof from Milon got the tip to become an independent entrepreneur for my plans to contact Profitz. With the help of Profitz my dream became reality: in 2 weeks time there was a complete business plan complete with extensive financial analysis and prognoses. In my case, I had a good friend who believed in me and wanted to help me achieve the required solvency limit of 30%. Still, I remain a starter and I normally do not qualify for a lease contract on equipment. However, Profitz's plans are so skilful that they have built up a good relationship within the market of leasing companies and I nevertheless got a lease on the entire Milon circle. Profitz even came up with the location 5 in Waalre a beautiful centrally located building with stained glass windows in which my high end studio is perfectly expressed. Thinking along in furnishing forwarding to other professionals in their network was done without any questions.


I have known Bart Rovers and Johan de Rooij for about 6 months now and I did not know them as skilled and helpful people as hours writers. In fact, the price for the plan was fixed in advance and no hidden invoices. Profitz has mapped out all the figures, conducted the negotiations with the landlord and made a business plan. Johan de Rooij also had several conversations with my investor. Protitz ensured that the entire preliminary process went very smoothly. In six weeks everything was complete, including the financing. In retrospect, I am sometimes surprised by that!


I still have frequent contact with Profitz. Bart and Johan are really a sounding board for me. They know this industry through and through, so they can give me good feedback about everything that I am working on. Whether it concerns an advertising campaign or actions towards existing customers, Profitz will give you expert advice. And because I am not at home well in figures, I also outsourced the administration and tax return to Profitz. A whole less worry. ''

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Bedrijf: FITT
Since August 1, 2018, Jouri Vennix from Veldhoven is the new owner of the gym FITT.

Jouri had been dreaming for a while about starting his own gym. As of February 2018, Profitz Jouri has been guiding Jouri on his journey to entrepreneurship and we've had several brainstorming sessions about Vision and Mission. FITT fits within the concept that Jouri had in mind.
This resulted in an extensive market research into the potential and risks.
After all signals had been given the green light, Profitz drew up a business plan in order to secure the necessary funding.
However, for Profitz it did not stop there, accompanying the talks with funding agency and negotiations with landlord having also done so.
And we can say with a lot of results

We asked Jouri to answer a few questions about our services.

1) What question did you ask Profitz?
I came to profitz with the question if they could help me with the takeover of another gym and taking care of the application for financing.
2) How was the first acquaintance with Profitz?
The first acquaintance set the tone for the further course: formally/businessally when the situation required it, but when it was possible, the atmosphere was cozy/casual, which made me feel very comfortable during an exciting course.
3)Has Profitz been able to help you with the questions you had?
Yes, witness the fact that I started my own fitness company on August 1st!
4)Was your question to Profitz sufficient for you or was Profitz able to help you even further?
Profitz does not hesitate to take that extra step. Because of the many contacts they have in the industry, I am a lot stronger in my shoes as a starting entrepreneur. The confidential advisors that profitz appoints are made of the same wood and will therefore not try to 'lift' you.
5)How was your general opinion about Profitz?
Extremely positive!
6)How did the communication go?
Through all possible media. Business appointments were always sent via mail/Whatsapp/Messenger (as preferred) so that they were fixed.
7)Would you recommend Profitz to your friends family?
Yes, I would always recommend profitz if they would like to take the same route!

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Bedrijf: Trifecta
For the owners of Trifecta we are making all the preparations for the crossing from America to the Netherlands. New concept in Europe.

We help with location scouting, business plan, financing, marketing. In addition, we are their advisors in all areas related to the relocation and integration in the Netherlands.

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Putting tennis on the Eindhoven map is the greatest wish of Guus van der Wolde and Walter van Erven. In order to get young and old moving, they have developed an innovative concept, with which the two of them mix the sport and high-tech. The only thing that is still lacking is a suitable location. EINDHOVEN - "Tennis is an irresistible sport", says the duo, who know each other from Geldrop Banen. The sports complex closed its doors in 2013. At the time, owner Van Erven sold his complex and the associated land to the neighbouring company Kuhn. It was not possible to find a new location in time. However, he has not been idle in recent years. The two of them recently met again. It turned out that they were observing the same trend. "Our favourite sport is a bit of a sleepover. ” High time for a comeback. "

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