In this niche market we like to help starting entrepreneurs. But we are certainly also for scale-ups. We like to think about the exploitation of, for example, an indoor trampoline park, drone center, VR park or other new, emerging concept. For existing organizations we identify alternative revenue models, reorganisations and new investments. Then we assist with the implementation of this. In this way we support and accelerate the growth process. We assist a new company in the investment and construction phase, among other things, with the preparation of business models. This way we offer insight and ensure that your indoor playground, holiday park, bowling alley or amusement park is ready for the future.

For this market, we work together with experience architect Stan de Haas and Jean-Paul Haenen of Kwan Leisure. In this way, we form a complementary team that not only thinks about how a concept can be improved, but also determines how it can be financed and recouped.
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Bedrijf: Ockyz
Ockyz wants kidz to be able to play safely and relaxed at swimming pools. That's why we designed special anti-slip footwear with great designs. We call this one: SWEAKERS (swimming sneakers). They have open toes, are lightweight and antibacterial.

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Bedrijf: Dutch Dive Academy
DDA has a wish to open its own diving school with its own instruction pool. To support this need for financing, but also to support the exploitation model in order to make everything profitable.

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Bedrijf: Game Solutions Lab
Unfortunately, we cannot mention any current cases yet, as they are all covered by NDA.

The work of Profitz is to help find the right earning models of all the independent delivered games.

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